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Carryover Communion Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection is a designer of First Communion Dresses and Holy Communion Dresses. Sweetie Pie Collection is known for using only the highest quality fabrics, embroideries, lace trims, and bead work our products. Our variety of styles, designs, and fabrics make our dresses perfect for any special occasion. All of our Communion Dresses, Communion Gowns, First Communion Dresses, Holy Communion Dresses, Designer Communion Dresses are available in sizes 2 to 14. Sweetie Pie Plus Size Communion Dresses are offered from size 6.5 to 14.5. First Communion Dresses are part of the tradition for one of the most special days in a young girl’s life. The entire family will be so proud of her in any one of our designer dresses which are modestly elegant and beautiful. You can purchase any of our Communion Gowns in any of our retail locations worldwide.


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First Communion Dresses

First Communion Dresses by Sweetie Pie are hand made using only the finest imported fabrics, embroideries, bead work and lace trims. Our First Communion styles are available in a wide variety of these fine imported fabrics such as satin, tulle, organza, taffeta, chiffon and silk. Tea Length is the Traditional Length for First Communion Gowns. Our Tea Length First Communion Gowns are designed specifically to meet the standards of most Churches in the United States, where the skirt falls between the mid calf and ankle. The unprecedented quality of a Sweetie Pie 1st Communion Dress will add to the everlasting memory of this special day. Your daughter’s First Communion Dress should be beautiful and elegant to match this important day in her life.  Sweetie Pie First Communion Dresses are timeless so they will always be remembered.

Communion Gowns

Our designers love the classic look and elegance of the traditional tea length Girls Communion Dresses.  Sweetie Pie Communion Gowns can also be delivered in full length or floor length. These Communion Gowns are for specific churches and parish’ that want their dresses floor length. This makes it so the Communion Gown falls all the way down to the floor, not revealing shoes or calf. Traditionally, Communion Gowns are a bright white color, to reflect the innocence and purity of the young girl on this special event. Sweetie Pie Collection White Communion Gowns are most popular internationally in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and throughout Europe.  Our Communion Gowns can be ordered using our long length girls size chart measurements.

Holy Communion Dresses

Holy Communion Dresses are elegant and special, and yet there are so many different styles to choose from in our full collection of Girls Communion Dresses. Traditionally our Holy Communion Gowns are fashioned of solid white materials with minimal embellishments. The simplicity is offset by beautiful fabrics that feel as lovely as they look. Holy Communion Dresses are an important part of the traditions of many religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Sweetie Pie caters to the traditional needs for Irish Communion Gowns, Italian Communion Dresses, Primera Comunion Vestidos, and all other traditions both throughout the United States and Worldwide. Our First Holy Communion Dresses have a great reputation and large presence not only in the United States, but throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and South America. Sweetie Pie Collection Communion Dresses can literally be found anywhere in the world.

Designer Communion Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection has recently introduced a beautiful Silk Couture Communion Dress collection made of 100% pure silk that is stunning and affordable. Our Designer Communion Dresses are unparalleled in elegance, sophistication and quality. These Designer Communion Gowns are available in not only Silk fabric, but Peau Satin and Taffeta, with layers of tulle, organza, and stunning rhinestones, beadwork, embroidery, appliqués and motif’s. Couture Communion Dresses by Sweetie Pie cannot be matched or duplicated. Many designers have tried to copy the unique look of our Couture Communion Dresses, but all have failed to compare. Nothing will outlook or outlast a Sweetie Pie Designer Communion Dress.

Confirmation Dresses

A confirmation is a special occasion in a young girl’s life where the individual’s bond with the Church is re-affirmed. Dressing for this special occasion is important not only to the person but also to the entire family. A Confirmation Dress can be strappy or strapless but needs to be teamed with a suitable jacket, bolero, or shrug. If a jacket is not suitable, a shawl can be draped over the arms. Later, this dress can be reintroduced as a formal or evening dress. It is advisable to keep the design of your Confirmation Dress easy and elegant, symbolic of the transformation of a young girl into a young woman. Many people prefer their Confirmation Dress to be pretty and elegant instead of simple and plain.

Sweetie Pie Collection is recognized as one of the top designers of Vestidos de Primera Comunion and Vestidos de Confirmacion. We ship to many Hispanic countries that celebrate Primera Comunion para niñas. Although most Confirmation Dresses in the United States are White Confirmation Dresses in Tea Length, Latin Confirmation Dresses are often Long Length and available in ivory.

Plus Size Communion Dresses (Half Size)

Most of our Communion Gowns and Girls Communion Dresses in the Sweetie Pie Collection are available in plus sizes. These Plus Size Dresses are built wider in the bust and waist to accommodate girls who cannot fit into traditional sizing. Sweetie Pie Plus Size Dresses and all large size dresses are designed with up to 4 inches of extra seam allowance that can be let out for additional room. Please see our size chart for specific measurements for our Half Size Dresses.

Communion Accessories

Sweetie Pie offers Communion Headpieces and other Communion Accessories include children’s formal wear jackets, caplets, veils, tiaras, head bands, and petticoat slips to compliment our Communion Dresses. Like our dresses, these Communion Accessories are of the highest quality. To accessorize any one of Sweetie Pies beautiful Communion Dresses and Communion Gowns, choose from a wide selection of Communion Accessories found on the Accessories and Headpieces page.

The Sweetie Pie Collection is a wholesale designer, manufacturer and distributor of Communion Dresses and Communion Gowns. The founders of Sweetie Pie have been in the apparel design and manufacturing industry for over 60 years and believe strongly in the principles of great customer service and dependability. Little Girls love our Girl Communion Dresses for their special day. It’s easy to see them at one of our many fine children’s retailers and bridal shop partners. You can find a local store near you by using our Store Locator.

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