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Christening Gowns & Baptism Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection is a designer of Christening Gowns and Baptism Dresses.  Our Christening Gowns can be purchased at local authorized retailers on our store locator.  All of our newborn dresses, infant dresses, and toddler dresses are made with the highest quality fabrics, laces and embroideries. Our variety of styles, designs, and fabrics make our Christening Gowns perfect for any occasion. Our Christening Dresses are so popular for any infant or baby because our sizing starts at 0-3 Month and goes up to size 24 Month. Our styles can be used as a Christening Gown, Baptism Dress, First Birthday Dress, Second Birthday Dress, Holiday Dress, or Party Dress for any occasion that you want your baby to stand out. We also offer Boys Christening Outfits for your little man from size 0-3 Month up to size 18 Month.



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Christening Gowns

Sweetie Pie is well known throughout the industry for having fashionable and high quality Designer Christening Gowns. Our Christening Gowns are heirloom quality and are available in a variety of styles and fabrics so they are suitable to be used as a Baptism Dress or Christening Dress for all faiths that it applies. Our Silk Christening Gowns have become increasingly popular because of our high quality high grade silk and affordable prices. Our Silk Christening Dresses match up to other companies dresses that are as much as triple in price, and have more longevity in comparison. Sweetie Pie Silk Christening Gowns are off white because they are made of the finest pure silk, which is not naturally a bright white. Our Satin and Taffeta White Christening Gowns however are offered in a bright white, which is more conducive for the material. Although we are known best for our Girls Christening Dresses, we do also offer the same high quality Boys Christening Outfits for your baby boy. Our Designer Christening Gowns and Boys Christening Outfits can be purchased in the finest children’s boutiques and specialty retail stores nationwide and worldwide for both formal and informal christenings.

Baptism Dresses

Our Baptism Dresses are available to fit infants from newborns to toddlers.  Choose from a large selection of traditionally white garments that are designed specifically for baptisms and christenings.  The Baptism Dresses you’ll find on this page are satiny smooth and comfortable.  Families love our special designs, and they always look perfect without making the baby uncomfortable. Many of our Christening Gowns and Baptism Dresses are offered in a lovely and comfortable natural silk fabric at an affordable price.  Customers are often pleasantly surprised to find our quality and affordability, and retail stores appreciate our commitment to stellar customer service. Even though a special occasion outfit like a Christening Dress or Baptism Gown will be worn only once, we design them to wear well and heirloom beautifully.  Many of our customers pass their Baptism Dresses down through the family.  We’re proud to have our garments be a part of so many happy occasions.

Boys Christening

To compliment our extensive assortment of girls Christening Gowns and Baptism Dresses we offer a nice selection of Boys Christening.  These Boys Christening outfit’s are available in a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, satin and taffeta.  With beautiful lace embellishments, our Boys Christening and Boys Baptism are the perfect choice for your little one to stand out at church.  Many of our Boys Christening are two to four piece sets that come with a matching bonnet as well.

First Birthday Dresses

Sweetie Pie First Birthday Dresses are adorable and will really make your little girl stand out in any crowd. Our 1st Birthday Dresses are offered in a variety of styles and colors. Many of our First Birthday Dresses also come in matching larger sizes if you want an older sister to be in a matching dress. As with all of the Sweetie Pie Infant size dresses, 1st Birthday Dresses go from size 0-3 Month up to size 30 Month. The matching larger size dresses start at size 2 and go up to size 14.

Baby Party Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection’s infant collection also includes Baby Party Dresses and Baby Holiday Dresses. Like our 1st Birthday Dresses, these dresses often have matching dresses in regular sizing for an older sister to look adorable at her side. Our variety of fabrics and colors make our Baby Holliday Dresses and Baby Party Dresses perfect for any event in any season or region. Many of these dresses are also offered in white and can be used as Informal Christening Dresses. Our Infant Party Dresses can be used for Easter Dresses, Christmas Dresses, Event Dresses and for any church or temple occasion.

Sweetie Pie prides ourselves on our customer service, and we are always here for you! If you have any questions about our Christening Gowns, Baptism Dresses, Christening Dresses, Boys Christening, First Birthday Dresses, Baby Flower Girl Dresses, Baby Holiday Dresses, or Baby Party Dresses for any occasion, please do not hesitate to call us.

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