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Pageant and Special Occasion Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection is a designer of Girls Pageant Dresses and Girls Special Occasion Dresses. The popularity of beauty pageants, talent pageants, and scholarship award pageants has created a large demand for our large selection of Children Special Occasion Dresses and Girls Pageant Dresses. Sweetie Pie Collection also offers Special Occasion Dresses for infants, toddlers and girls. Our Girls and Baby Special Occasion Dresses come in many fabrics, colors and patterns that we are sure you will love!

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Pageant Dresses

Our professional approach to identifying and meeting the criteria established by major pageants worldwide, has allowed us to become a favorite supplier of top quality Pageant Dresses to fine retail establishments throughout the world. Pageant moms seek out our styles, participants love our dresses, and our New York and UK Distribution Centers are able to supply the world with Girls Pageant Dresses. Many of our traditionally styled Children Pageant Dresses are available in a variety of colors, making it possible to coordinate with the child’s coloring, hair, and make-up selections. The bright colors and enticing fabrics look great on stage and up close. Judges can tell the difference in quality, and our Sweetie Pie Collection dresses are the finest in the industry.

Girls Special Occasion Dresses

Our Girls Special Occasion Dresses & Children Special Occasion Dresses are offered in a variety of bright colors and fabrics, in addition to the traditional white and ivory. Sweetie Pie Girls Special Occasion Dresses can be worn as birthday dresses, holiday dresses, flower girl dresses, and for any formal event that any girl would attend. Whether your little girl is attending a birthday party, bar or bat-mitzvah, a wedding, a family party, or a holiday gathering, Sweetie Pie Collection has the perfect Special Occasion Dress for you!

Sweetie Pie Special Occasion Dresses for girls are known throughout the industry for being of the highest quality, while somehow offering styles that will still fit any budget. These affordable girls special occasion dresses will pleasantly surprise you with the fabrics and color choices that cannot be beaten by any other brand. Our Girls Dresses can be worn in churches, temples, or any house of worship. Sweetie Pie also offers informal special occasion dresses that can be worn at any holiday special occasion, birthday special occasion and even family party or BBQs.

Girls Pageant Dresses

Sweetie Collection is constantly receiving feedback from Pageant stores and Pageant moms so we can be one of the trend setting designers every season. We offer a wide selection of accessories to go with the dresses, ranging from matching jackets and hair pieces to tiaras and petticoat slips. As you may or may not know, there are many different types of girls beauty pageants, as well as different styling that is necessary for each pageant type. Each type of pageant has its own set of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Sweetie Pie Collection can provide the perfect Pageant Dress for all pageants. Whether it is a Natural Pageant Dress, a Semi-Glitz Pageant Dress, a Glitz Pageant Dress, a Scholarship Pageant Dress, or even a Face Pageant Dress, Sweetie Pie Collection has the perfect dress for the occasion.

Girls Pageant Gowns

Sweetie Pie Collection has a Children’s formal dress division for Girls Pageant Gowns that are in compliance with most state and local girls Pageant guidelines. These designs are hand beaded with jewels, rhinestones and sequins to create a radiant presence on stage. All of our Girls Pageant Gowns are hand beaded with jewels, rhinestones, crystals, and sequins to add shine and style, as well as sparkle and star power.

Sweetie Pie Girls Pageant Gowns are offered in a variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and designs we are sure you will fall in love with. We have Satin Pageant Gowns, Taffeta Pageant Dresses, and elegant Silk Pageant Dresses for Girls that will blow away the competition. Our Girls Pageant Gowns are full of beautiful embroideries, lace trims, crystals, rhinestones, and embellished beadwork.

Toddler Pageant Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection offers sizing for all ages ranging from infant, toddler, girls and teen sizes. We offer Pageant Gowns in a variety of sizes including a select number of Infant Pageant Dresses. These Baby Pageant Dresses range from size 0-3 Month, up to size 24 Month. Sweetie Pie Toddler Pageant Dresses are available from sizes 2 toddler up to a size 14. Our wide range of sizes ensures that we can have the perfect pageant dress for any infant, baby, or toddler who may be thinking about entering a pageant competition.  Many girls start their pageant careers in a Toddler Pageant Dress, and will continue competing well into their teens.

Glitz Pageant Dresses

Glitz Pageant Dresses and Semi-Glitz Pageant Dresses are the two most common and popular types of pageant competitions. They are often referred to as Glitzy Pageants or Full Glitz Pageants. These differ from Natural Pageants and Face Pageants in that the focus is as much on the dress, as it is the girl herself. The dresses in a glitz pageant make up a large percentage of the total score, as do stage presence, personality, and poise. The way the girl walks and acts on stage, is important as well. Sweetie Pie Children Pageant Dresses have stage presence and star power. Our Pageant Dresses are generally more colorful and more heavily beaded than our other divisions of dresses. This helps to make any girl stand out and sparkle in front of judges. Judges know the difference, and our Children Pageant Dresses get high marks every time.

Baby Special Occasion Dresses

If your baby, infant, or toddler is going to any formal event, or occasion, Sweetie Pie Collection has the appropriate Baby Special Occasion Dress. Our dresses are perfect, and will make your baby look adorable when she is attending any special occasion event. They make amazing First Birthday Dresses, and are the perfect little party dresses for your baby. Our First Birthday Dresses are offered in a variety of styles and colors. Many of our 1st Birthday Dresses also come in matching larger sizes if you want an older sister, or family member to be in a matching dress. Our variety of fabrics and colors make our Baby Holliday Dresses and Baby Party Dresses perfect for any event in any season or region. Weather and temperature is never an issue, because our baby special occasion dresses are offered with spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, long sleeves, and can be purchased with matching jackets.

Girls Party Dresses

Sweetie Pie Collection Girls Party Dresses are perfect for other special occasions, including Holidays, Graduations and Parties of all types. Whether it’s an infant dress, a baby dress, or a girl’s dress, with the huge variety that we offer the right dress is easy to find. After your little girl looks through our selection, you will wish there were more parties to attend just to get her into these beautiful girls party dresses. Our Girls Party Dresses can be found in the finest privately owned boutiques and retailers worldwide.

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