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Q: Do you sell Communion Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Pageant Dresses, Infant Dresses, First Birthday Dresses, Christening Dresses, Baptismal Dresses, Teen Dresses, Juniors Dresses, or Boys Suits and Tuxedos directly to the public?

A: No, we are a wholesale manufacturer that only sells to authorized retailers throughout the United States, and internationally. We do not sell any of our merchandise directly to the public.

Q: How do I find a local retailer?

A: We have a store locator on our website, you can type in your zip code into the search tab on the locator and it will tell you the closest retailers to you, including their phone numbers, and exact distance from your zip code entered. If you have any trouble, you can always call us directly and we will tell you local retailers in your area. If there are no retailers in your area, we can also get you in touch with one of the few authorized Sweetie Pie online retailers as well.

Q: How do I know what size dress my daughter wears?

A: Take your daughters waist, bust, and length (top of shoulder to floor) measurements, and match them up with the size chart on our website or in our catalog. Our dress length measurements are complete length of garment. It is the measurement from top of shoulder strap, to bottom of skirt. The closest matching size to her measurements is her recommended size. Remember that many of our dresses are offered in both Long and Tea length. Special occasion garments, like children’s dresses sometimes need to be altered by a professional seamstress for optimal fit.

Q: What is the difference between a long length and Tea length dress?

A: A long length dress ends at the floor, while a Tea length dress typically only goes down to the bottom of the calf or ankle. Tea length dresses are most popular for First Holy Communions Dresses in most of the country. They are also often used for Flower Girl Dresses to limit young girls from stepping on the dresses during the occasion.

Q: What makes Sweetie Pie Collection Dresses different from other companies?

A: In addition to having unique styling and high end materials, all Sweetie Pie Infant Dresses, Christening Dresses, Baptism Gowns, and First Birthday Dresses, have at least one inch of seam allowance that can be let out. All of our First Communion Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Pageant Dresses, and Junior Dresses, have between 2 and 3 inches of seam allowance to be let out. A general rule with our dresses is that the bigger the dress size already is; the more seam allowance it will have that can be let out.

Q: Can your dresses be washed after use?

A: Most of our dresses can be machine washed inside out on a delicate cycle. It is not recommended to machine wash Silk Dresses, or Heavily Beaded Dresses, because they can be damaged in the process.

Q: Is your merchandise stocked for ready delivery, or does it take an extended period of time to make and receive an order?

A: We keep up to 20,000 pieces in stock at all times, and we are constantly producing more merchandise to keep our wait times as short as possible. If an ordered item is not in stock, and not yet in production, it takes an average of 6-12 weeks for delivery.

Q: What fabrics do you use for all of your merchandise?

A: We use the highest quality of Peau Satin, Silk, Taffeta, Organza, Crushed Organza, Tulle, Shantung, and Chiffon fabrics for all of our dresses. Sweetie Pie Collection also uses the finest embroideries, laces, rhinestones, gems, pears, and bead work on our Girls Dresses and Infant Dresses.

Q: Do you sell any accessories besides the dresses themselves?

A: We do. We sell Slips, Jackets, Shawls, and Veils, Head Pieces, Sashes, and Flowers and Bibs that go with many of our dresses.

Q: What Fabrics do you use for Communion Dresses?

A: We make Silk Communion Dresses, Satin Communion Dresses, Taffeta Communion Dresses, Organza Communion Dresses, Shantung Communion Dresses, and Chiffon Communion Dresses. We pretty much make First Communion Dresses out of any fabric you could want for your little girl.

Q: Do you have a Couture Dress Collection?

A: Yes, in addition to our Sweetie Pie Collection Dresses, we also have Sweetie Pie Couture. These consist of Couture Communion Dresses, Couture Flower Girl Dresses, and Couture Pageant Dresses.