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Sweetie Pie Collection Donates to Good Causes

It is always good to give back and donate to good causes. Once a company has reached a certain level of success, it is the right thing to do, to help those that are less fortunate and are in need. Whether you can donate time, money, or merchandise, every little bit can help.

Here at Sweetie Pie Collection, we regularly donate to various non-profit organizations and good causes. We donate funds to some causes, and girls dresses, boys suits, and girls accessories to others. Here are some of the many good causes we donate to:

St. Anthony’s Church and other local churches

Chabad Merchandise Program

American Cancer Society: Camp for Kids

The Salvation Army

Sisters with Purpose

If you are aware of an organization that is in need, and could use dress donations, feel free to let us know and we may consider adding your cause to the long list of organizations that we already donate to.

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